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Why Cognatrix ?

Standard Course Content

Any course need a Right start and Right stop, we have built a course which Includes all the topics aligned in a pretty perfect manner, so it all make sense & can be understood by any type of learner.

Job ready

Learning is the first step of any course, the next step is to work in a workspace or a project Where you can implement what you learn, the course ensures that you are ready to put your hands on the system and start working within a real time environment.

Simulation Exercises

Creatively designed by cognatrix, all our courses incudes simulation exercises which means you don't need to install a separate server and practice the exercise, the exercises are included in the course along with the simulation server, which means you can practice everything on the browser.

Certification Ready

The courses we curate are ensured that you don't need to learn anything anywhere else to take up a certification, our course includes quizzes and exams which cover designed to make sure you understand not only the concept but also the terminology to clear the standard certificate exam conducted by the company.

Get Extras

What if we say we will also give you free extra materials as we add to our courses, and Ensure you also get the updates on the latest developments about the technologies you learnt with us, so if you learn SAP HANA next time you get to know what has been changed in HANA next version and that too ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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Get cross connected with set of our powerful learners, who include decision makers, functional consultant, technical consultants coming from different geographies, Join to know the difference.

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