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If you are not doing this on your HANA DB, then you are not maintaining it well - Download this Now !

How well are you maintaining your database ? As a database administrator its your job to maintain the database, ensure its cleaned up on periodic basis, but what tools can you use to do this, are u still listing them on your mind .. Have you heard of Hanacleaner ? Hanacleaner is a python...


HDB Admin Tool - I bet you don't know that this exist !

Have you ever seen a screen like this on your hana database system ? Most of you might not be aware of this tool called HDB admin tool, in this blog I wanted to show you how you can use this tool and what are the advantages of this tool. Purpose of this Tool. Connect to HANA Database...


Experience the difference between DDL and DML statement in Database

Use the link below to find a difference between a DDL statement and DML statement.


SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03 Whats New - Admin Perspective

A. Changes in Tenant Database Management. Fallback Snapshots for Tenant Databases (New) You can create a fallback snapshot for a tenant database. It allows you to revert to a particular database state. A fallback snapshot may be useful if you perform changes to the contents of a database...