Have you ever seen a screen like this on your hana database system ?

Most of you might not be aware of this tool called HDB admin tool, in this blog I wanted to show you how you can use this tool and what are the advantages of this tool.

Purpose of this Tool.

Connect to HANA Database directly from command line to perform administration

General use:

Internally used by SAP, you can uses this tool if you wish but SAP does not provide support for issues encountered with this tool

Useful Notes:

2534881 issues while working with HDBAdmin tool

What kind of administration tasks are possible :

Execute SQL Statements or access table information.

Check for Table distributionFind tenant databases within the HANA System

Start Stop HANA System

Start performance traces

Find services running in HANA database

You can also additionally do the following.

  1. Check and remove hosts in landscape.
  2. Check for threads running.
  3. Check for statistics.
  4. Check for Volumes.
  5. Check for Console
  6. Check for system replication
  7. Start SQL Trace.
  8. Check for Background Jobs.

How to start this Tool

Access to your hana server using <sid>adm as shown below and run HDB admin python script

Establish a SQL Connection by providing user name and password.

Access the link here to perform activities in HANA Database system online

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