HANA Admin with Hands on Exercises.

Practice all the exercises on our server like installation of HANA, Administration of HANA and Update of HANA, etc.

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Karthik Uppuluri

Karthik Uppuluri is a author and keynote speaker, Karthik teaches the business leaders how to implement SAP HANA to fit into their business to maximise the ROI, he have more than 7 Years of experience in SAP HANA Consulting and Trainings.

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FAQ - Power Edition

Student edition is self-paced learning course, while power edition is mentor based. A Mentor would be assigned for one month duration can be reached on the mail, the mentor can be reached on mail, additionally the mentor will get on call for 2 Hours per week to explain any other specific doubts you have.
SAP HANA is a In memory database, RDBMS, manufactured by SAP. 
If you are a techie lover who want to understand what is special about SAP HANA. If you are a SAP Consultant, you should be aware that SAP have asked its customer to migrate to HANA database by 2025. And for all the new customers SAP is only allowing to use their application with HANA database.
You will learn everything required by a HANA Database administrator.
No programming is involved in this course 
Cognatrix Simulation training is basically created to ensure that the participants practice everything they learn in class on our simulated servers, our simulated servers enables you to practice every exercise of the learning program.
The exercises are designed by industry experts which means every exercise out in our program are good enough to gain real time project experience , and the number of exercises vary from course to course. 
Our teachers include internationally-recognized authors, speakers and marketing experts. Each lesson is taught by an expert in a given field.
The course is valid for 6 Months of time from the date of enrollment. 
When you complete the course and pass the final exam, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate, proving your online marketing expertise
In order to receive a certificate, you will need to pass a final exam in a course. The final exam consists of several multiple choice questions. Please be aware that you have only one attempt to pass the exam in each course. We encourage you to complete all module revisions in order to successfully pass the final exam. You need to have at least 70% correct answers to pass the exam and receive the certificate
You have only one attempt to pass the final exam.